Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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The Lady is a Tramp

First popular recording by Tommy Dorsey & His Clambake 7 with Edythe Wright (1937).
Hit/popular versions by Sophie Tucker (US #19 1937), Frank Sinatra (1957), Ella Fitzgerald (1957), Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga (US #121/UK #188/BEL #21/JPN #33 2011).
Also recorded by Midge Williams & Her Jazz Jesters (1937), Carl Perkins (1960), Alice Cooper (1974).
Also recorded (as “The Lady is a Champ”) by Frank Sinatra (1968).

From the wiki: “‘The Lady Is a Tramp’ was a show tune from the 1937 Richard Rodgers and Lorenzo Hart musical Babes in Arms in which it was introduced by former child star Mitzi Green. The song is a spoof of New York high society and its strict etiquette (the first line of the verse is ‘I get too hungry for dinner at eight…’). Early recordings from 1937 include one by Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra (featuring Edythe Wright on vocals), Midge Williams and Her Jazz Jesters, and Sophie Tucker.

“Lena Horne recorded the song with the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studio Orchestra on March 30, 1948. Her performance appeared in the film, Words and Music, a fictionalized biography of the partnership of Rodgers and Hart. Jazz pianist Carl Perkins recorded an instrumental version in 1960. In 1968, Sinatra recorded a one-off production of ‘The Lady is a Tramp’ as a favor for Ringo Starr. Retitled ‘The Lady Is A Champ’, Sammy Cahn rewrote the lyrics, personalizing them for the surprise gift for Maureen Starkey, a big Sinatra fan, for her 22nd birthday. Only one copy was made and then the master tapes were destroyed.

“Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga recorded a version of this song for his 2011 album Duets II, and together performed the song live on ABC’s Thanksgiving special dedicated to, written, directed, produced and hosted by Gaga entitled A Very Gaga Thanksgiving. The song, even though not officially released as a single, entered the Japan Hot 100, where it has managed to peak at #33; it has also entered the Top 200 extension to the UK Singles Chart.”

Sophie Tucker, “The Lady is a Tramp” (1937):

Midge Williams & Her Jazz Jesters, “The Lady is a Tramp” (1937):

Lena Horne, “The Lady is a Tramp” (1948):

Frank Sinatra, “The Lady is a Tramp” (1957):

Ella Fitzgerald, “The Lady is a Tramp” (1957):

Carl Perkins, “The Lady is a Tramp” (1960):

Alice Cooper, “The Lady is a Tramp” live TV performance (1974):

Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, “The Lady is a Tramp” (2011):

Frank Sinatra, “The Lady is a Champ” (1968):

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