Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Since I Met You Baby

Written and first recorded by Ivory Joe Hunter (US #12/R&B #1 1956).
Other hit versions by Mindy Carson (US #34 1956), Bobby Vee (B-side US #81 1960), Sonny James (C&W #1 1969).
Also recorded (as “Desde que conozco”) by Freddy Fender (US #45/C&W #10 1975).

From the wiki: “‘Since I Met You Baby’ was written and first recorded by pianist Ivory Joe Hunter. The song, which Hunter recorded and charted with in 1956, has since become an American R&B standard, and saw renewed popularity in 1969 when Country music artist Sonny James released his #1 version. Hunter had already tasted major success with Pop and R&B audiences with songs such as ‘I Almost Lost My Mind‘. He moved to Atlantic Records by 1954, and around that time wrote ‘Since I Met You Baby’. Hunter’s recording topped the Billboard R&B chart for three weeks in 1956 and became his sole Billboard Hot 100 entry, peaking at #12.

“‘Since I Met You Baby’ was Sonny James’ third cover song released during 1969 (the others: ‘Only the Lonely’ and ‘Running Bear’). Supposedly recorded live (the song’s introduction and fade out features a cheering audience) the ‘audience’ was, in fact, added to the studio recording in post-production. James took the song to #1 on the Hot Country Singles chart in October 1969.

“Mindy Carson had a chart version of the song in 1957. Bobby Vee covered ‘Since I Met You’ for release as the B-Side to ‘Devil or Angel‘. Country-Tejano artist Freddy Fender had a major country hit in the mid-1970s with a Spanish version of the song, ‘Desde que conozco’.”

Mindy Carson, “Since I Met You Baby” (1956):

Bobby Vee, “Since I Met You Baby” (1960):

Sonny James “Since I Met You Baby” (1969):

Freddy Fender, “Desde que conozco” (1975):

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