Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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This Night Won’t Last Forever

Written and first recorded by Bill LaBounty (US #65/MOR #46/CAN #81 1978).
Other hit versions by Michael Johnson (US #19/MOR #5/CAN #9 1979), Sawyer Brown (US #109/C&W #6/CAN #11 1997).

From the wiki: “‘This Night Won’t Last Forever’ was written by Bill LaBounty and was originally recorded by him in 1978, charting in the lower-third of the Billboard Hot 100. One year later, Michael Johnson covered the song and took it to #19 on the same chart.

“Sawyer Brown charted ‘This Night Won’t Last Forever’ Top-10 on the Country music chart in 1997.”

“Johnson’s arrangement had a significant lyric change that did not appear in the original recording or Sawyer Brown’s cover. Toward the end of the song:

Such a ridiculous situation
Pretending there’s nothing wrong
She’s comin’ on with the invitation
I wonder, who is takin’ her home …

… replaced:

Suddenly there’s a strange vibration
From my head to my toes
Filling me with a strange sensation
Somebody’s saying I know …

Michael Johnson, “This Night Won’t Last Forever” (1979):

Sawyer Brown, “This Night Won’t Last Forever” (1997):

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