Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Tagged: Steve Goodman

You Never Even Called Me by My Name

Co-written and first recorded by Steve Goodman (1971).
Hit version by David Allan Coe (C&W #8 1975).

From the wiki: “‘You Never Even Called Me by My Name’ was written by Steve Goodman and John Prine, and first recorded by Goodman in 1971. The song is a satirical response to the Nashville/Country Music Industry. Covered by David Allan Coe in 1975, it became his first Country Top-10 hit.”

City of New Orleans

Written and first recorded by Steve Goodman (1971).
Hit versions by Arlo Guthrie (US #18 1972), Willie Nelson (US #30/C&W #1/CAN #1 1984).

From the wiki: “‘City of New Orleans’ is a folk song written by Steve Goodman (and first recorded for Goodman’s self-titled 1971 album), describing a train ride from Chicago to New Orleans on the Illinois Central Railroad’s City of New Orleans in bittersweet and nostalgic terms. Goodman got the idea while traveling on the Illinois Central line for a visit to his wife’s family.

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