Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Baby the Rain Must Fall

First recorded by The We Three Trio (1964).
Hit version by Glen Yarbrough (US #12/MOR #2 1965).
Also recorded by Chris Connor (1965).

From the wiki: “‘Baby the Rain Must Fall’ was written by film score composer Elmer Bernstein (‘The Magnificent Seven’) and Ernie Sheldon, and was first performed and recorded by The We Three Trio for the motion-picture Baby the Rain Must Fall where it was heard during the opening credits.

“The song was later covered by Glenn Yarbrough for his 1965 album Baby the Rain Must Fall, with an arrangement by future Bread founder David ‘Dave’ Gates. ‘Baby the Rain Must Fall’ was also covered in 1965 by Chris Connor, who included it on her album of pop song covers performed pseudo-bossa nova, Chris Connor Sings Gentle Bossa Nova.”

Chris Connor, “Baby the Rain Must Fall” (1965):

Glenn Yarbrough, “Baby the Rain Must Fall” (1965):

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