Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Blame It on the Boogie

Written and first recorded by Mick Jackson (US #61/UK #15 1978).
Hit version by The Jacksons (US #54/R&B #3/UK #8 1978).

From the wiki: “Mick Jackson (no relation to the Jackson 5) wrote and recorded ‘Blame It on the Boogie’ in 1977 with the hope of it being recorded by Stevie Wonder. Jackson released it under his own name in 1978.

“The Mick Jackson track was showcased in 1978 at the Midem Music Festival where, according Jackson: ‘The Jacksons’ manager [Peter Kerstin] heard the track being played and took a tape recording of it back to the States [where] The Jacksons quickly recorded a version so it would be out before mine.’ In fact, the Mick Jackson recording was released first by Atlantic Records in the US in mid-August 1978; The Jacksons’ version was released by Epic Records on August 23.

“In the UK both the Mick Jackson version and the Jacksons’ were released within a few days of each other in September 1978. The UK music press, struck by the rival versions being by similarly named artists, declared a ‘Battle of the Boogie’ which Mick Jackson recalls as ‘great publicity … There was an equal balance of interest from the media about both releases. A good example is that my version came out first on Top Of The Pops. The Jacksons’ had the second week…Radio One played The Jacksons’ version and Capital Radio only played mine. It was fair.’

“Mick later reflected that ‘[his original] version had 100% of my heart and soul in it but the Jacksons’ version had the magic extra 2% that made it incredible.'”

The Jacksons, “Blame It on the Boogie” (1978):

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