Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Do You Want to Dance

Written and originally recorded by Bobby Freeman (US #5/R&B #2 1958).
Other hit versions by The Shadows (UK #2/NETH #1 1962), Del Shannon (US #43 1964), The Beach Boys (US #12 1965), Bette Midler (US #17 1972).

From the wiki: “‘Do You Want to Dance’ is a song written by Bobby Freeman and recorded by him in 1958. Cliff Richard and The Shadows’ version of the song reached #2 in the United Kingdom in 1962, despite being a B-side. It reached #8 in the United States when released by the Beach Boys in 1965 as ‘Do You Wanna Dance?’, and a 1972 cover by Bette Midler (‘Do You Want to Dance?’) reached #17.

“In contrast to the Bobby Freeman, Cliff Richard, and Beach Boys versions, which are uptempo Rock ‘n roll songs, Midler slowed the tempo of the song down to a sultry-sounding ballad. It was Midler’s first single release, and her first Top 20 hit.”

The Shadows, “Do You Wanna Dance” (1962):

Del Shannon, “Do You Want to Dance” (1964):

The Beach Boys, “Do You Wanna Dance?” (1965):

Bette Midler, “Do You Want to Dance” (1972):

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