Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Every Day I Have the Blues

First recorded by “Pinetop” Sparks (1935).
Also recorded by Memphis Slim (1949).
Hit versions by Lowell Fulson (R&B #3 1950), Joe Williams (R&B #8 1952), B.B. King (R&B #8 1955), The Count Basie Orchestra with Joe Williams (R&B #2 1955).

From the wiki: “‘Every Day I Have the Blues’ is a Blues song that has been performed in a variety of styles. An early version of the song is attributed to Pinetop Sparks and his brother Milton (or Marion), and was first performed in the taverns of St. Louis by the Sparks brothers. It was first recorded on July 28, 1935 by Pinetop with Henry Townsend on guitar. After a reworking of the song by Memphis Slim in 1949 (see below), ‘Every Day’ became a Blues standard with renditions recorded by numerous artists.

“Four different versions of ‘Every Day I Have the Blues’ have reached the R&B Top 10. Two recordings – one by B.B. King, and one by Count Basie with Joe Williams – have received Grammy Hall of Fame Awards. Williams first recorded and charted ‘Every Day’ for Chess in 1952 with the King Kolax Orchestra before re-recording the song again in 1955 with the Basie orchestra, a version that spent twenty-weeks on the R&B chart.

“Most versions of ‘Every Day I Have the Blues’ are credited to Memphis Slim. Because of its subsequent success, Memphis Slim’s composer royalties from the later hits by other artists ‘were sufficient to buy a Rolls Royce with which to squire himself around Paris,’ according to biographer Colin Escott.”

Memphis Slim, “Every Day I Have the Blues” (1949):

Lowell Fulson, “Every Day I Have the Blues” (1950):

Joe Williams with the King Kolax Orchestra, “Everyday I Have the Blues” (1952):

B.B. King, “Everyday I Have the Blues” (1955):

The Count Basie Orchestra with Joe Williams, “Every Day (I Have the Blues)” (1955):

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