Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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First released by Robert Gordon (1978).
Also recorded by Bruce Springsteen (1978, released 2010).
Hit version by The Pointer Sisters (US #2/UK #34 1979).

From the wiki: “Bruce Springsteen envisioned ‘Fire’ as a song which could be recorded by his idol Elvis Presley. Springsteen would later say ‘I sent Elvis a demo of it but he died August 16, 1977 before it arrived.’

“Springsteen did complete a studio recording in 1978 of ‘Fire’ which was one of 52 tracks at least partially recorded which did not make the cut for Springsteen’s album Darkness on the Edge of Town because of thematic inconsistency. Springsteen likely had an especial concern that if included on Darkness on the Edge of Town ‘Fire’ would be Columbia Records’ single of choice despite it being non-representative of the overall album.

“The first released recording of ‘Fire’ was by neo-rockabilly singer Robert Gordon who was offered the song by Springsteen after the latter saw a live gig by Gordon and Link Wray: according to Gordon ‘it was a choice between ‘Fire’ and another new song but [Springsteen] decided to keep the other one for himself.’ Springsteen played piano on Gordon’s recording of ‘Fire’ which was released on Gordon’s 1978 album Fresh Fish Special. Springsteen released his studio recording of ‘Fire” on the 2010 boxed set, The Promise.”

Bruce Springsteen, “Fire” (1978, released 2010):

The Pointer Sisters, “Fire” (1979):

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