Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight

First released by Trash (UK #27 1969).
Hit album version by The Beatles (1969).

From “One Hit Wonders“: “If you were going to isolate an aspect of the Abbey Road album song cycle and issue it as a single, ‘Golden Slumbers/ Carry That Weight’ would be the obvious pairing. The Beatles clearly had no interest in doing so, but Trash – one of their Apple signings – were encouraged to exploit the potential of the tunes by Apple Corp’s enterprising employee Richard Dilello.

Trash, “Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight” advertisement, 1969.

“According to Dilello’s brilliant book documenting his time working for the company and the label, ‘Longest Cocktail Party’: [Paul] McCartney had already urged Dilello not to waste any more studio money and time on the band, but Dilello sneaked Trash in through the studio back door to record this. Wrote Dilello: ‘When everyone’s favorite thumbs-aloft-Scouser found out about it, McCartney apparently lost his temper. However, when Lennon heard the track he gave it the green light, saying it was a good imitation (which hardly seems like flattery).’ Dilello chose to observe Lennon’s approval over Macca’s, and out the record came.

“In the end, Trash did not enjoy their notoriety for long. Their recording of ‘Golden Slumbers …’ was released on September 19, 1969. The Abbey Road album, by The Beatles, shipped a week later – on September 26, 1969 – soon enough to halt what little UK Singles chart action Trash’s ‘cover’ received, peaking at #27.

“Trivia: While Dilello was actively involved in the Trash recording, it is former Shadows founding drummer Tony Meehan whose name is listed as the single’s ‘producer’ … the same Tony Meehan who turned the Beatles down in 1962 when they auditioned for him as a producer for Decca Records.”

The Beatles, “Golden Slumbers (1969):

The Beatles, “Carry That Weight” (1969):

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