Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Hi Ho Silver Lining

First recorded and released by The Attack (1967).
Hit version by Jeff Beck (UK #14/IRE #17/AUS #14 1967 |UK #17 1972).

From the wiki: “‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’ was written by American songwriters Scott English (‘Mandy‘) and Larry Weiss (‘Bend Me, Shape Me‘; ‘Rhinestone Cowboy‘) and first released as a single in March 1967 by The Attack, a freakbeat/psychedelic band from London, UK, followed a few days later by Jeff Beck. It was Beck’s version that charted first (backed by ‘Beck’s Bolero’) on the UK Singles chart – the Attack single having no visible chart impact – and the song has become most often associated with Beck because of that.

“‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’ was not included on Beck’s debut album, Truth, when first released in 1968 but was included as a bonus track on the 2006 reissue.

“According to Kate Mossman, writing in the New Statesman, Beck ‘has likened ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’ to having a pink toilet seat hung around your neck for the rest of your life.’ Beck has continued to perform the song at his concerts, including a performance of ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining’ at the 1983 ARMS Charity Concert for multiple sclerosis that featured an all-star jam with Steve Winwood, Mitch Mitchell, and Simon Phillips.”

Jeff Beck, “Hi Ho Silver Lining” (1967):

Jeff Beck, Steve Winwood & Mitch Mitchell, “Hi Ho Silver Lining” live ARMS performance (1983):

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