Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Love is Blue

First performed (as “L’Amour est bleu”) by Vicky (1967).
First released by Vicky Leandros (1967).
Hit versions by Paul Mauriat (US #1/UK #12 1968), Jeff Beck (UK #23 1968).

From the wiki: “‘L’amour est bleu (Love is Blue)’ was first performed in French by Greek singer Vicky Leandros (appearing as ‘Vicky’) as the Luxembourgian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1967. At the close of voting, it had received 17 points, placing 4th in a field of 17, behind ‘Il doit faire beau là-bas’ (France), ‘If I Could Choose’ (Ireland) and the winning song, ‘Puppet on a String’ (United Kingdom). Some forty years after its original release, ‘L’amour est bleu’, along with Mocedades’ ‘Eres tú‘, still counts as one of very few non-winning Eurovision entries ever to become a worldwide hit.

“Leandros recorded commercial releases of ‘Love is Blue’ both in French and English and had a modest hit in Europe, but in Japan and Canada she had a big hit with the song. She also recorded it in German (as ‘Blau wie das Meer’), Italian (‘L’amore è blu’) and Dutch (‘Liefde is zacht’). The English version by Vicky Leandros also appeared as ‘Colours of Love’ in some locations including the UK.

“In late 1967, Paul Mauriat conducted/recorded an orchestral “easy listening” version that was a #1 hit in the USA for five weeks in February and March 1968, and was the only performance by a French artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 until 2017. Billboard ranked the record as the No. 2 song for 1968.

“Jeff Beck recorded a ‘rock’ interpretation of Mauriat’s version in 1968. It reached #23 on the UK Singles chart.”

Vicky Leandros, “L’Amour est bleu” (1967):

Vicky Leandros, “Colours of Love” English-language single (1967):

Paul Mauriat Orchestra, “Love is Blue” (1968):

Jeff Beck, “Love is Blue” (1968):