Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Magic Bus

First recorded by The Pudding (1967).
Hit version by The Who (US #25/UK #26 1968).

From the wiki: “‘Magic Bus’ was written by Pete Townshend during the sessions in 1965 that produced My Generation. However, ‘Magic Bus’ was not recorded by The Who until 1968. At the time it was written, The Who’s management and music publisher circulated a Townshend demo recording of the song in 1966. A version was released as a single in the UK in April 1967 by an obscure band called The Pudding, in the UK on Decca and in the US on London’s Press label. It was not a hit.

“For The Who, ‘Magic Bus’ became one of the band’s most popular songs and a concert staple although, when released as a single in 1968, the song enjoyed only modest chart success in the UK and the US. One of the band’s most legendary performances of ‘Magic Bus’ can be heard on the album Live at Leeds (1970) – nearly eight minutes long, with Roger Daltrey joining the jam playing harmonica. Who bassist John Entwistle was reported to have hated playing the song, as most of his bass part consisted of a single note played ad nauseam.”

The Who, “Magic Bus” (1968):

The Who, “Magic Bus” Live at Leeds (1970):

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