Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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One After 909

First recorded by The Quarrymen (1958).
Also recorded by The “Beatals” (1960), The Beatles (1962), The Beatles (1963).
First released by Terry Manning (1968).
Hit album version by The Beatles (1969).

From the wiki: “‘One After 909’ is the oldest known Beatles song.

“It was written as early as 1957, one of the first Lennon-McCartney compositions (‘[‘One After 909′] was something I wrote when I was about seventeen,’ John Lennon explained in his 1980 Playboy magazine interview), and was first recorded c. 1958 by The Quarrymen according to Mike McCartney.

“The then-named ‘Beatals’ also recorded ‘One After 909’ sometime between January-August 1960, after Stu Sutcliffe had joined as the bass player but before the addition of Pete Best on drums. The Beatles, sans Sutcliffe but with Best on drums, also recorded the song during rehearsals in 1962 at The Cavern Club, Liverpool. The group first recorded ‘One After 909’ in a studio during the 1962 sessions for the group’s third single, ‘From Me to You’, with Ringo Starr on drums, but that recording was unreleased until Anthology I in 1995.

“American Rockabilly rocker Terry Manning, a friend of Bobby Fuller, laid hands on the early Beatles demo and cut his own version a year prior to the release of The Beatles’ Let It Be album. Manning would go on to become a prominent engineer and producer for Stax Records, working extensively with The Staple Singers. As a photographer, Manning also photographed Chuck Berry, Procol Harum, Steppenwolf, Terry Reid, Jimi Hendrix, Dusty Springfield, Lenny Kravitz, and many other musical artists of the rock music genre, as both an independent and as a writer/photographer for New Musical Express. He was also one of the last to photograph his acquaintance, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on the day before the assassination.

“Biographer Mark Lewisohn checked out all Merseyside train time tables for his definite Beatles biography The Beatles Tune In (2013) and swears no train ever stopped or departed from no Liverpool station at 9:09 in all these years.”

The Beatles, “One After 909” live performance at The Cavern Club (1962):

The Beatles, “One After 909” (1963, released 1995):

Terry Manning, “One After 909” (1968):

The Beatles, “One After 909” from Let It Be (1969):

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