Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Pied Piper

First recorded by The Changin’ Times (US #87 1965).
Also recorded by The Jets (1966).
Other hit versions by Crispian St. Peters (US #4/UK #5/CAN #1 1966), Bob & Marcia (UK #11 1971).

From the wiki: “‘The Pied Piper’ was written by the duo of Steve Duboff and Artie Kornfeld, who first recorded the song in 1965 as a Dylan-esque group The Changin’ Times. However, it was British Pop singer Crispian St. Peters who scored the major hit with the song during the summer of 1966, when his single went to #4 in the United States, #5 in the United Kingdom and #1 in Canada. (In the Netherlands, the beatgroup The Jets from Utrecht recorded their version a few months before St. Peters did. Rumors had it that this version inspired the Crispian St. Peters version.) Jamaican Reggae duo Bob & Marcia had a Top 20 hit with their version, taking the song to UK #11 in July 1971.”

The Jets, “Pied Piper” (1966):

Crispian St. Peters, “Pied Piper” (1966):

Bob & Marcia, “Pied Piper” (1970):

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