Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Shakin’ All Over

First recorded by Johnny Kidd & The Pirates (UK #1 1960).
Other hit versions by Guess Who? (US #22/CAN #1/AUS #27 1965), Normie Rowe (AUS #1 1965).

From the wiki: “‘Shakin’ All Over’ was written by frontman Johnny Kidd and reached #1 in the United Kingdom in August 1960. Kidd recalls ‘When I was going round with a bunch of lads and we happened to see a girl who was a real sizzler we used to say that she gave us ‘quivers down the membranes’. It was a standard saying with us referring to any attractive girl … I can honestly say that it was this more than anything that inspired me to write ‘Shakin’ All Over’.’

“The original recording was not a hit outside of Europe. Instead, ‘Shakin’ All Over’ gained fame in North America after the Canadian band Guess Who? covered it in early 1965, where it became a #1 hit in Canada, and a #22 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100.

“Guess Who? had previously been known as ‘Chad Allan and the Expressions’ (‘Hurting Each Other‘) prior to the release of “Shakin’ All Over”, but the group’s Canadian label (Quality Records) issued the record as by ‘Guess Who?’, in an attempt to imply that the record might be by a British Invasion act. The group subsequently permanently changed its name to The Guess Who, and went on to a long Top 40 career (‘Laughing’, ‘No Time’, ‘American Woman’).

“Later in 1965, in Australia, Normie Rowe topped the Aussie hit chart with his cover of ‘Shakin’ All Over’.”

Guess Who?, “Shakin’ All Over” (1965):

Normie Rowe, “Shakin’ All Over” (1965):

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