Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Tagged: Dave Appell

The Bristol Stomp

Based on “Every Day of the Week” by The Students (1958).
First recorded (as “The Bristol Stomp”) by Terry & the Applejacks (1961).
Hit version by The Dovells (US #2 1961).

From the wiki: “‘Bristol Stomp’ was written in 1961 by Kal Mann and Dave Appell, two executives with the Cameo-Parkway record label, for The Dovells, an a cappella singing group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who recorded the song for Cameo-Parkway late that year. ‘The Bristol Stomp’ was originally recorded by a group from Bristol, Pennsylvania, Terry and the Applejacks (Terry was the son of co-writer Dave Appell); the song was based on the earlier ‘Every Day of the Week’ recorded in 1958 by the Cincinnati, Ohio, Doo-wop group, The Students.”