Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Tagged: Hayden Quartet

Bring Back My Bonnie to Me

First recorded by Hayden Quartet (1901).
Hit versions by Alma Gluck & the Orpheus Quartet (US #10 1919), Vipers Skiffle Group (1955), Duane Eddy (as “Bonnie Come Back”, US #23/UK #12 1960), Tony Sheridan & the Beat Brothers (as “My Bonnie”, GER #5 1961 |UK #48 1963 |US #26 1964), Bonnie Brooks (as “Bring Back My Beatles (to Me)”, 1964).

From the wiki: “In 1881, under the duo of pseudonyms H.J. Fuller and J.T. Wood, Charles E. Pratt published sheet music for ‘Bring Back My Bonnie to Me’. The first recording of the song was done in 1901 by the Hayden Quartet. Alma Gluck charted with her 1919 recording. In popular culture, the song is now best remembered for the 1961 recording by Tony Sheridan that brought The Beatles (recording as ‘The Beat Brothers’) to Brian Epstein’s attention in 1962, preceded by a Duane Eddy instrumental cover that had earlier charted in the UK and the US and an even earlier cover recorded by Vipers Skiffle Group (who also recorded ‘Maggie Mae‘ that The Beatles would cover on Abbey Road).

“Another Vipers-Beatles connection: Vipers Skiffle Group recordings were produced by George Martin who would go on to famously become the ‘fifth Beatle’ as the Beatle’s producer. ”

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