Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Tagged: Jonathan King

Let It All Hang Out

First recorded by The Hombres (US #12 1967).
Other hit version by Jonathan King (UK #26 1969).
Also recorded by John Mellencamp (1989).

From the wiki: “Formed in 1966, The Hombres comprised Jerry Lee Masters, Gary Wayne McEwen, B. B. Cunningham, Jr., and John Will Hunter, and ‘Let It All Hang Out’ was written by the four of them. The song’s spoken intro – ‘A preachment, dear friends, you are about to receive on John Barleycorn, nicotine and the temptations of Eve’ – dates to the 1947 novelty recording ‘Cigareetes, Whuskey and Wild, Wild Women’ by Red Ingle and His Natural Seven.

“The song was first covered – with much the same production arrangement – in the UK by Jonathan King (‘Hooked On a Feeling‘, ‘Everyone’s Gone to the Moon’) in 1969, and also appeared on his 1989 compilation album, The Butterfly That Stamped. Yet another cover version was recorded by The Nails in the mid 1980s. The song also appears as a hidden track on John Mellencamp’s 1989 album Big Daddy.

Hooked on a Feeling

Originally recorded by B.J. Thomas (US #5/CAN #3 1968).
Other hit versions by Jonathan King (UK #23 1972), Blue Swede (US #1/CAN #1/AUS #1 1974).

From the wiki: “‘Hooked on a Feeling’ is a 1968 pop song written by Mark James (‘Suspicious Minds‘) and originally performed by B. J. Thomas. Featuring the sound of the electric sitar, Thomas’ recording reached #5 in 1969 on the Billboard Hot 100.

“In 1971, British pop eccentric Jonathan King (‘Everyone’s Gone to the Moon’) produced his own version, adding ooga chuka jungle chants. King described his arrangement as ‘a reggae rhythm by male voices.’ His version reached #23 on the UK Singles Chart in 1972 but did not chart in the US.

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