Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Tagged: Jules Shear

All Through the Night

Written and first recorded by Jules Shear (1983).
Also recorded (but unreleased) by The Cars (1983).
Hit version by Cyndi Lauper (US #5/UK #64/CAN #7/AUS #17 1983).

From the wiki: “‘All Through the Night’ was written as a mid-tempo folk-rock song by Jules Shear for his album Watch Dog. After The Cars recorded their own version, and then decided they did not want to use the song on any forthcoming album, Cyndi Lauper decided to cover it for her debut album, She’s So Unusual, (with Shears on background vocals). Although Lauper initially intended to do a straight cover of Shear’s version, she instead turned it into a Pop ballad instead. The song was Lauper’s only single released worldwide not accompanied by a music video.”

If She Knew What She Wants

Written and first recorded by Jules Shear (1985).
Hit version by The Bangles (US #29/UK #31 1986).

From the wiki: “‘If She Knew What She Wants’ is a song by Jules Shear (‘All Through the Night‘) released on his 1985 album The Eternal Return. The song was later and famously covered by The Bangles on their 1986 album, Different Light. Shear’s song was originally written in the first person, essentially a love song; the Bangles rewrote the lyrics in the third person, rather than change the subject’s gender.”

Swayin’ to the Music (Slow Dancing)

First recorded (as “Slow Dancing”) by The Funky Kings (US# 61/MOR #13 1976).
Other hit versions by Johnny Rivers (US #10/MOR #1/CAN #3 1978), Johnny Duncan (C&W #6 1979).
Also recorded by Olivia Newton-John (1977), Unicorn (1977), Ian Gomm (1980).

From the wiki: “The first recording of ‘Swayin’ to the Music (Slow Dancing)’ was released on the self-titled 1976 album by the Funky Kings whose membership included its composer, Jack Tempchin (‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’, ‘Already Gone’, ‘You Belong to the City’), and Jules Shear (later of Jules & The Polar Bears, ‘If She Knew What She Wants‘). Titled ‘Slow Dancing’, its single release reached #13 on the AC chart before crossing over to #61 on the Billboard Hot 100. Olivia Newton-John also recorded “Slow Dancing” for her 1977 album Making a Good Thing Better.