Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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First recorded (as “Kitty”) by Racey (1979).
Hit version by Toni Basil (US #1/UK #2/AUS #1 1981), Lolly (UK #4/IRE #14 1999).
Also recorded (as “Ricky”) by “Weird Al” Yankovic (1983).

From the wiki: “‘Mickey’ was written by Mike Chapman (‘Better Be Good to Me’, ‘Love Is a Battlefield’, ‘Kiss You All Over’) and Nicky Chinn as ‘Kitty’, and was first recorded by UK group Racey in 1979 for their debut album Smash and Grab. When she recorded the song in 1981, Toni Basil changed the name from ‘Kitty’ to ‘Mickey’ to make the song about a man.

“For years, it had been rumored that the name was changed to ‘Mickey’ because Basil was fond of The Monkees’ drummer and lead vocalist Mickey Dolenz after meeting him as a choreographer on the set of The Monkees’ movie Head. The accompanying music video for the song, featuring costuming and choreography inspired by cheerleader dance routines, was later played heavily on MTV. It is considered to be the very first choreographed dance video ever produced.