Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Tagged: Shocking Blue

Love Buzz

First recorded by Shocking Blue (1969):
Single release by Nirvana (1988).

From the wiki: “‘Love Buzz’ was written by Robbie van Leeuwen of the Dutch band Shocking Blue and first released on the group’s 1969 album, At Home. The song was later covered by Nirvana, who released it as their debut single in 1988. A slightly different mix of the song would also appear on the debut album, Bleach. This version is missing a 10-second sound collage introduction put together by Kurt Cobain. ‘Love Buzz’ was later released in the UK on Nirvana’s Blew in the UK in December 1989.”

Venus (Shocking Blue)

Inspired by “The Banjo Song” by The Big Three (1963).
Hit versions by The Shocking Blue (NETH #3/BEL #1/FRA #1/GER #1 1969 |US #1/UK #8/CAN #1/AUS #1/ITA #1/NZ #1/BZL #1/NETH #3 1970), Bananarana (US #1/UK #8/CAN #1/AUS #1/SUI #1/NZ #1 1986).

From the wiki: “‘Venus’ composer Robbie van Leeuwen admitted in a 2007 interview he took his inspiration for ‘Venus’ from the song ‘The Banjo Song’, written by Tim Rose as a lyrical parody set to the melody of Stephen Foster’s ‘Oh, Susannah’. ‘The Banjo Song’ was first recorded by The Big Three (the folk trio of Jim Hendricks, Tim Rose and a pre-Mamas & Papas Cass Elliot) in 1963.