Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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The Sweetest Thing (I’ve Ever Known)

First recorded and released (as a B-side) by Juice Newton (1975).
Hit versions by Dottsy (C&W #86 1976), Juice Newton (re-recording US #7/C&W #1 1982).

From the wiki: “‘The Sweetest Thing (I’ve Ever Known)’ was originally recorded and released in 1975 on Juice Newton’s debut album, Juice Newton and Silver Spur. The 1975 version was not, however, issued as a single, although it was the B-side of two other Newton singles. In the meantime, Dottsy (Dottsy Brodt Dwyer) recorded her version ‘The Sweetest Thing’ in 1976 and took it to #86 on the Country music charts, and used it as the title track to her album The Sweetest Thing. Newton re-recorded the song on her 1981 album, the career-launching Juice.

“Note: The first pressings of the Juice album (1982) featured a different arrangement of ‘The Sweetest Thing’, with a more prominent steel guitar part and no oboe. After the unexpected crossover success of ‘Angel of the Morning‘ and ‘Queen of Hearts‘, a Pop version was mixed and replaced the Country version on all future pressings of the album.”

Dottsy, “The Sweetest Thing” (1976):

Juice Newton, “The Sweetest Thing” original “country” album mix (1982):

Juice Newton, “The Sweetest Thing” “pop” single remix (1982):

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