Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Who Let the Dogs Out

Based on “Pump Up the Party” by Hassan (1987).
First recorded (as “Who Let the Dogs Out”) by Miami Boom Productions (1992).
Hit versions by Anslem Douglas (1998), Baha Men (US #21/UK #2/AUS #1/NZ #1/IRE #2 2000).

From the wiki: “‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ was based on Stevie B’s ‘Pump Up the Party’, recorded by Hassan in 1987. ‘Party’ opens with the lyric ‘Who’s running this doghouse? Who? Who? Who? Who?’

“The song was then recorded in 1992 – now titled ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ – by Miami Boom Productions.

“The 1998 calypsoca recording by Anslem Douglas (it was used for the 1998 Trinidad and Tobago Carnival season), titled ‘Doggie’, came to the attention of producer Steve Greenberg who would then have his group, Baha Men, cover the song for the Rugrats in Paris: The Movie movie and soundtrack album. The Baha Men recording was released it as a single in 2000, and would go on to become the band’s first hit in the US and the UK.”

“In a poll conducted in 2007 by Rolling Stone to identify the 20 Most Annoying Songs, this song was ranked third. It was also ranked first on Spinner’s 2008 list of Top 20 Worst Songs Ever.”

Miami Boom Productions, “Who Let the Dogs Out” (1992):

Anselm Douglas, “Doggie” (1998):

Baha Men, “Who Let the Dogs Out” (2000):

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