Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Ebb Tide

First recorded by Robert Maxwell (1953).
Hit versions by Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra (US #2/UK #9 1953), Vic Damone (US #10 1953), Roy Hamilton (R&B #5 1954), The Platters (US #56/AUS #59 1960), Righteous Brothers (US #5/UK #48 1965).

From the wiki: “‘Ebb Tide’ was written in 1953 by the lyricist Carl Sigman and composer-harpist Robert Maxwell. (The song’s build-up is reminiscent of ocean waves coming in and out, to and from the shore; thus, ‘ebb tide’.)

“The best-known charting versions are by Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra (1953), Vic Damone (1953), Roy Hamilton (1954), The Platters (1960), and the Righteous Brothers (1965). For the Righteous Brothers, ‘Ebb Tide’ would be their last recording produced by Phil Spector.”

Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra, “Ebb Tide” (1953):

Vic Damone, “Ebb Tide” (1953):

Roy Hamilton, “Ebb Tide” (1954):

The Platters, “Ebb Tide” (1960):

The Righteous Brothers, “Ebb Tide” (1965):

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