Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Feelin’ Alright?

First recorded by Traffic (US #123 1968).
Hit versions by Joe Cocker (US #69 1969 |US #33/NETH #11 1972), Mongo Santamaria (US #95 1969), Grand Funk Railroad (US #54/CAN #20 1971).
ALso recorded by Three Dog Night (1969), Chairmen of the Board (1970), Jackson 5 (1971).

From the wiki: “‘Feelin’ Alright?’ (also known as ‘Feeling Alright’) was written by Dave Mason of the band Traffic from their eponymous 1968 album, Traffic. Dave Mason wrote this song with the title ‘Not Feelin’ Too Good Myself,’ which is more accurate in terms of the song’s meaning, but less marketable. (Mason explained: ‘It’s just a song about a girl. It’s just another relationship gone bad.’)

“The original Traffic version of the song, filled with the corresponding melancholy, was issued as ‘Feelin’ Alright?’ – the question mark providing a vital clue to the content. Joe Cocker’s version scrapped the punctuation and was issued as ‘Feeling Alright’, which is how it was listed on most subsequent covers. Cocker recorded it in his debut album, With a Little Help from My Friends, in 1969. In its first release in 1969, his cover reached #69 on the US Billboard Hot 100. In a 1972 re-release, the single reached even higher – #33 on the same chart.

“A distinguishing feature of Cocker’s cover are the female backing vocals, which were performed by three of the most powerful Soul singers of the era: Brenda Holloway, Merry Clayton and Patrice Holloway.

“At least 45 different acts have recorded this song. Other charting covers of ‘Feelin’ Alright” include Mongo Santamaría’s November 1969 release that peaked at #95 on the US Billboard Hot 100. In 1971, Grand Funk Railroad released its cover of ‘Feelin’ Alright’. It peaked at #54 on the US. Billboard Hot 100.

“Cocker would ‘duet’ the song with John Belushi on Season 2/Episode 3 of Saturday Night Live, which aired on October 2, 1976.”

Joe Cocker, “Feeling Alright” (1969):

Mongo Santamaria, “Feelin’ Alright” (1969):

Three Dog Night, “Feelin’ Alight” (1969):

Chairmen of the Board, “Feelin’ Alight” (1970):

Jackson 5, “Feelin’ Alright” (1971):

Grand Funk Railroad, “Feeling Alright” (1972):

Joe Cocker & John Belushi, “Feeling Alright” Saturday Night Live (1976):

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