Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Girls! Girls! Girls!

First recorded by The Coasters (US #96 1961).
Hit versions by Elvis Presley (1962), The Fourmost (UK #33 1968).

From the wiki: “Changing popular tastes and a couple of line-up changes contributed to a lack of hits in the 1960s for The Coasters (‘Yakety Yak’, ‘Poison Ivy’). In 1961, the group barely made it into the Billboard Hot 100 with the Lieber-Stoller-composed ‘Girls! Girls! Girls!’ (not be confused with the Motley Crue hit).

“The song found wider popular when repurposed as the lead song and title for the 1962 Elvis Presley movie Girls! Girls! Girls!, but was not issued as a single. In 1968, the group The Fourmost released the song and their version did chart on the UK Singles Chart.”

Elvis Presley, “Girls! Girls! Girls!” from the soundtrack Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962):

The Fourmost, “Girls! Girls! Girls!” (1965):

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