Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Something in the Way She Moves

First recorded by Tom Rush (released, April 1968).
Also recorded by James Taylor (released, December 1968).
Re-recorded by James Taylor (1976).

From the wiki: “On the The Circle Game (1968), Folk musician Tom Rush covered three songs from fellow singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, one by Jackson Browne, and two James Taylor songs including ‘Something in the Way She Moves’ – that song’s first appearance. (Taylor had played the song for Rush when he visited the New York City office of Elektra Records for an audition in 1967.) The album tracks followed the cycle of a relationship from its beginning to an end, according to the lyric content and the sequencing of songs on the album. Supporting this concept is the cover shot which pictures then girlfriend Jill Lumpkin behind Tom Rush, as photographed by (future Beatle wife) Linda Eastman.

“James Taylor’s own self-titled debut album, recorded between July-October 1968, was the first recording by a non-British artist to be released by Apple Records, and would also be Taylor’s only release on that label. Notable songs include the Taylor classics ‘Something in the Way She Moves’, ‘Carolina in My Mind‘ and ‘Rainy Day Man’. The title phrase of Taylor’s ‘Something in the Way She Moves’ provided the starting point for Harrison’s classic ‘Something’. (Coincidentally, Taylor has said he had meant for the song to be titled ‘I Feel Fine’ – after a dominant line in the chorus – but the title had already been taken by a Beatles song.) Taylor also recorded a very early version of ‘Fire and Rain’, which would be his breakthrough hit on his second album, but Asher did not choose it for the album release.

“Taylor included ‘Something in the Way She Moves’ on his 1976 Greatest Hits collection but, as with ‘Carolina in My Mind‘, also from James Taylor, he had to re-record the song due to rights issues.”

James Taylor (composer), “Something in the Way She Moves” (1968):

James Taylor, “Something in the Way She Moves” promotional film (1968):

James Taylor, “Something in the Way She Moves” Greatest Hits rerecording (1976):

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