Songs with Earlier Histories Than the Hit Version

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Tagged: Tom Rush

The Circle Game

First recorded by Ian & Sylvia (1967).
Also recorded by Buffy Sainte Marie (1967).
Hit album versions by Tom Rush (US #68 1968), Joni Mitchell, writer (US #27 1970).

From the wiki: “‘The Circle Game’ was written by Joni Mitchell but was first recorded by Ian & Sylvia in 1967. Tom Rush recorded the song in 1968 and used as the title track for his song-cycle album, The Circle Game. The songs on the album follow the cycle of a relationship from its beginning to an end, according to the lyric content and sequencing of songs.

“‘The Circle Game’ can be read as the turning point of the relationship while Rush’s song ‘Rockport Sunday’ ends the romance instrumentally. Mitchell would record a cover of her own composition for inclusion on her 1970 album Ladies of the Canyon that also included such notable original songs as ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ and ‘Woodstock’.”

Something in the Way She Moves

First recorded by Tom Rush (released, April 1968).
Also recorded by James Taylor (released, December 1968).
Re-recorded by James Taylor (1976).

From the wiki: “On the The Circle Game (1968), Folk musician Tom Rush covered three songs from fellow singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, one by Jackson Browne, and two James Taylor songs including ‘Something in the Way She Moves’ – that song’s first appearance. (Taylor had played the song for Rush when he visited the New York City office of Elektra Records for an audition in 1967.) The album tracks followed the cycle of a relationship from its beginning to an end, according to the lyric content and the sequencing of songs on the album. Supporting this concept is the cover shot which pictures then girlfriend Jill Lumpkin behind Tom Rush, as photographed by (future Beatle wife) Linda Eastman.

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